Bridging Between Asia and the World

A uniquely qualified media conduit between Asia and the world, Creative Content Asia is a proficient practitioner in the Asian media industry and fluent with the major media production hubs of Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. Such experience and access enables it to offer you specialist marketing support by tapping into a large production network of highly skilled and talented professionals throughout the region for all media ancillary services. CCA’s deep knowledge and proven track record in a broad range of media applications such as commercial, entertainment, government, corporate and education, makes it your ideal facilitator in delivering a high quality, finished product, whether it be for documentaries, television and radio programming, on-air promotional materials, online, tradeshow, or corporate presentations, advertising, music videos, or something more specific and tailored to your requirements from a broad range of other B2B/B2C media. CCA’s clients include Discovery Channel, HBO, FOX Channels, ESPN, Sony Pictures, National Geographic, NHK, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan and Embassy of the Republic of Poland (Tokyo). Operating from Hong Kong – the gateway to the developing China market – CCA centrally-located base offers convenient access to the rising cities of Asia. Creative Content Asia – your bridge to Asia and the world.

Koji Inamura, Managing Director

What makes Koji Inamura unlike any other Japanese producer is his versatility. As a media production professional in Japanese and Japanese-related productions, Koji's international, multi-lingual experience, skills, and knowledge significantly enable him to expand on his homeland heritage, making him, through his company, Creative Content Asia, a uniquely qualified, media conduit between Japan and the rest of the world. As one of the top-tier professional Japanese voice talents in Asia, Koji first relocated to Hong Kong in 1996, to advance his voiceover career at StarTV, a News Corp subsidiary in Asia. In the years that followed, he has relentlessly pushed the envelope, expanding his horizons in the broadcast industry. His voice and production talents have since travelled the airwaves of NHK, FOX, National Geographic Channel, NBC Universal, CNN, Cartoon Network, ESPN, Sony Pictures, and Discovery Networks, earning him industry recognition for his achievements with numerous PROMAX and BDA Awards and accolades. He is well versed in the corporate cultures of the majority of Asia’s satellite and cable television broadcast networks as his professional experience has taken in all of the Asia region’s major media centers. This makes him uniquely positioned with skills and expertise to better understand and work with the Asian region and beyond. Recently, his professional expertise was sought after for the joint venture between the Ministry of Internal Communication Japan (MIC) and National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) and Asian Broadcasting Union (ABU), during which he served as one of Japan's representatives and led all teams and projects to a successful conclusion. Koji currently shares his time between Hong Kong and Tokyo.


Corporate Branding

How do you make your brand the first and best choice in your customer or client’s mind? Brand is more than a logo. It is an affirmation of everything that makes you better than the rest. We can help you make that distinction crystal clear.


Whether for documentaries, television and radio programming, on-air promotional materials, online, tradeshow, or corporate presentations, advertising, or even your company website, we provide professional quality scripts written by top-shelf writers from around the world.

On-Air Promotions

Immerse the viewer in your brand image with a feel and environment that is truly your own identity. Using a never-before-seen combination of colors, fonts, animations, BGM, sounds-effects and voiceovers, give your entire network or specific channels impact with the uniqueness needed to stand out from the crowd.

Voiceover / Translation

Make your media product specific to your target market with our localisation service. Whether your need is translation, subtitling or voice customization and dubbing, we are sensitive and well attuned to regional and market-specific standards and requirements. With a full book of professional voice talents on standby, we can provide almost every language spoken in the entire world.

Content / Artist Promotions

If you provide an established ancillary service but wish to expand your footprint to include the rest of Asia and beyond, we can offer you representation that helps you connect with the relevant media organisations and people, in addition to your own current network.


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